Is this the best non-slip safety flooring scrubber in the world?

Is this the best non-slip safety flooring scrubber in the world?

Who needs a great machine to clean non-slip flooring? Well, you would know! I’m guessing that is why you have landed on our article.

Whether it’s a restaurant or somewhere a little less fancy, clients hate to see dirty floors, especially toilet and kitchen floors. You know just as well as we do, that if it looks dirty, it IS dirty. And clients hate it and remember it!

You can hear your client talking to themselves – “It is the 21st century, surely someone has innovated a machine that can do this job easily? Surely there are some cleaning companies out there using something good?” We have to break the bad news, except you probably already know it. It’s quite easy for companies to lose cleaning contracts because the small areas aren’t clean. This is especially true for non-slip flooring.

So what is the secret sauce to this problem? RovaWash? Well, there are lots of cleaning managers who think so – as one said – “for cleaning washrooms and kitchens, the RovaWash is unbeatable on cleaning non-slip flooring”.

And there is great reason - this is the science:

Under magnification, the surface of non-slip safety flooring looks like a mountain range, with thousands of peaks & valleys. This is what gives it its ‘safety’ aspect – making it much more difficult to slip on this type of surface. But here’s the issue – there are so many great places for the dirt and germs to hide. Imagine actually having to clean down in every one of those valleys…


In this situation, mops can’t remove all of the dirt. They are just ripped apart by the tough non-slip surface.

Rotary Machines

When using rotary machines, the bristles skip over the valleys and leave all of the dirt still hidden.

Cylindrical Scrubbers

When it comes to Cylindrical Scrubbers, most are simply too slow and cumbersome. Many are also far too big to get into the small rooms and corners where they are needed the most.

So, why is the RovaWash believed to be the best machine for non-slip floors then? I mean, I thought it was a cylindrical scrubber? Yes, you’re quite right, but not the same as the ones that have been around for years. The RovaWash operates in a new and innovative way.

Weight vs speed

For years everyone thought that cleaning machines needed to be heavy to work. Well, almost everyone. At iVO, we didn’t buy into that train of thought. I mean, we get the idea of a hard scrub, but why waste all that energy and create all that friction when you don’t need it. Just spin the brush faster and use finer bristles. Less machine weight means it is now easier to handle, it’s now transportable and cleans better! The result is a really effective small scrubber dryer, that feels like an upright vacuum to use. Bliss.

Those fine bristles

Shh don’t tell everyone, but the real secret is those fine bristles along with the brush speed, which is 2 – 3 times faster than any other machine you’ll find. The fine bristles are gentle to touch but actually, stiffen out with the 1000+ rpm spin speed. This allows them to create a micro-detailed cleaning action, spinning down into the valleys that are hiding the dirt – which of course turns out to be perfect for tackling those difficult non-slip surfaces on your cleaning contracts.

So, whether you have the elite-looking woodgrain effect non-slip, or the more standard R9 or R10 safety flooring that is used everywhere in washrooms and kitchens, or even up to the R13 resistant flooring often found in changing rooms and shower areas, then listen to RovaWash users – “I’ve never seen results like that on this floor and we’ve been trying different things for years”.

So, is it infallible? Is it right for every non-slip floor?

Great question! No, we’re going to be totally honest here. If you’ve got large corridors or massive halls or rooms to do, then RovaWash probably doesn’t work for you. I mean, it won’t be beaten for cleaning performance, but it’ll just take quite a long time even with the 350mm model. (We’re working on that, by the way – 2022 will see the 450mm model, so watch this space!)

If you have lots of large corridors or a big hall to clean, then you need to turn to SupaFoam. SupaFoam is a commercially viable alternative to the “magic sponge” that enables you to clean faster than ever! Follow the link to discover more about the secrets of SupaFoam today.

And if you want to see all of our hints and tips for cleaning non-slip floors, then head over to our handy article here.

Finally, if you’re aching to know what else the RovaWash can do follow the link to learn more.

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