CarpetKing Pro

The iVo CarpetKing Pro is a professional machine for cleaning medium areas of carpet. Its high water- lift vacuum system enables recovery of the maximum quantity of dirt from the carpet and reduces drying time.

Strong, compact and easy to carry, this machine is ideal for cleaning companies. Its compact width makes it particularly suitable also for cleaning trains, busses, cinemas and planes.

Recovery tank capactity 30 litres
Solution tank capacity 30 litres
Vacuum motor 2 stages – High water lift
Power 1500 w
Maximum water lift 3000 mm H2O
Maximim air flow 45 l/sec
Power 90 w
Maximum pressure 9 bar
Maximum performance 80 m2/h
Maximum water flow 4.5 l/min
Cable length 10 metre
Machine weight 24 kg
Cleaning width 300 mm
Number of nozzles 3
Dimensions 38 x 50 x 78 ck
Hose length 5 m
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iVo CarpetKing Pro- Powered

The powered kits offers the CarpetKing Pro with the following accessories:
  • Power scrub head
  • carpet wand
  • Code – ICKPP
  • an upholstery wand


iVo CarpetKing Pro – Manual

The manual kit offers the CarpetKing Pro with the following accessories:
  • Carpet wand and upholstery wand.


  • Code – ICKPM


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