Ekcos EkcoClips

The EkcoClips are deigned to provide a permanent fragrance solution in ladies’ washrooms and as a complement to our urinal screens in the gents facilities.

Creates a fresh atmosphere up to 30 days


Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable product


Timed release fragrance technology


The only clip on the market that is biodegradable


Innovative design that adapts to all bowl shapes


Fully complies with European VOC standards

Leading the revolution in washroom hygiene!

The founders and inventors of Ekcos – the Ramirez brothers, are people who will settle for nothing less than perfection.

Using time release technology, the Ekcoclip bowl fresheners provide continuous fragrance of the entire washroom for 30 days. Their fully bio-degradable and recyclable properties ensure that these toilet bowl fresheners are unique in environmental sustainability.

√ Washrooms
√ Suitable for men and womens toilets

Purple EkcoClip

Berry fragrance


Green EkcoClip

Apple fragrance


Blue EkcoClip

Fresh fragrance


Orange EkcoClip

Tropical fruit fragrance


Clear EkcoClip

Tropical fruit 2 fragrance


Black EkcoClip

Mint fragrance


Green pine EkcoClip

Pine fragrance


Red EkcoClip

Melon fragrance


Lavender EkcoClip

Lavender fragrance


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