Ekcos EkcoScreen

Using the EkcoScreens in your urinals will greatly enhance the image of your washroom facilities by eliminating splashback and giving 60 days of fragrance throughout the washroom.

Patented bristles to prevent urine backsplash


Last 60 days, twice as long as other screens


9 different colours and fragrances


Effective antibacterial component


Prevents the spread of bacteria and odours

Leading the revolution in washroom hygiene!

The founders and inventors of Ekcos – the Ramirez brothers, are people who will settle for nothing less than perfection. To design the only effective anti-splash urinal screen was their consistent goal.

Why put up with mess and germs everywhere? Prevent splashback and protect flooring and partition surfaces in your washrooms, while making the facilities so much more pleasant with the range of 9 fragrances available.

√ Flush urinals
√ Waterless urinals

Purple colour

Berry fragrance


Green colour

Apple fragrance


Blue colour

Fresh fragrance


Orange colour

Tropical fragrance


Clear colour

Tropical 2 fragrance


Black colour

Mint fragrance


Dark Green colour

Pine fragrance


Red colour

Melon fragrance


Lavender colour

Lavender fragrance


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