iVO EscaClean is a lightweight, one-person operational system designed to clean an escalator in minutes.

EscaClean uses the escalators propulsion to generate the cleaning action meaning no external power is required and no need to turn the escalator off (unless cleaning the risers).


Light and simple design so easy to use


Safer and less abrasive compared to machine cleaning


Reduced liquids so less spills and slip hazards

Traffic Location Recommended
High Airports and underground stations Daily
Medium Shopping centres Twice weekly
Low Hotels and office buildings Weekly

The iVO EscaClean kit is supplied with the following items:

Tread backing plate, riser backing plate, extending handle, solution tray, dilution container, 5 litre cleaning solution, pump spray bottle, tread pads (pack of 5) and riser pads (pack of 5)

Available to purchase separately:

Code: IECPT-PI-6005. EscaClean tread pads – Pattern 1 (pack of 5).
Code: IECPT-P2-6005. EscaClean tread pads – Pattern 2 (pack of 5).
Code: IECPR-5A-5. EscaClean riser pads – Pattern A (pack of 5).
Code: IECPR-5B-5. EscaClean riser pads – Pattern B (pack of 5).
Code: IECPR-5C-5. EscaClean riser pads – Pattern C (pack of 5).
Code: IECCSRTU10. EscaClean solution, ready to use – 2 x 5 litre.

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