Extreme Scrubbers

The new Extreme Scrubber range from iVO offers you amazing performance with super fast charging and fantastic run times!

Thanks to the powerful Li-ion batteries, you can enjoy even faster charging than ever before and extended cleaning performance.


Super fast and quiet operation


Fast charging times and up to 12 hrs operation


Modern, sleek design

The performance of FOUR machines in one!

If you’ve ever wanted the cleaning power of an 18” or 20” machine but in a more compact body, the iVo Extreme 40 is the scrubber dryer for you! Not only is the machine super compact, it features faster brushing speeds which delivers quicker cleaning and the machine is light and nimble making it both easy to handle and operate.

The lithium batteries offer 2 – 3 times life expectancy and reduce your running costs due to the lower power consumption. The Extreme 40 offers incredibly fast charging which allows up to an amazing twelve hours of cleaning per day! – That’s four times the productivity of all standard machines.

When performance is everything!

If you like the power and performance of the iVo Extreme 40, you’ll love the Extreme 50!

The Extreme 50 is a 20” scrubber dryer that packs the performance of a 22” – 24” machine. Less bulk but all the power.

With super fast charging, the Extreme 50 can deliver up to an impressive 10 hours of efficient cleaning per day. This is a super impressive machine at a cost effective price!

Extreme 40 Scrubber

For cleaning areas 250 m2 – 750 m2
Clean Tank Capacity 20 Litre
Waste Tank Capacity 22 Litre
Weight Inc. battery Weight Inc. battery 55 KG
Coverage Per Hour 1.624 / 1.050 m2 per hr
Battery capacity Li-ion 54,6 V / 10,20 Ah
Run Time Per Charge 2 Hour
Approx Charge Time 2 Hour

Extreme 50 Scrubber

For cleaning areas 500 m2 – 1500 m2
Clean Tank Capacity 40 Litre
Waste Tank Capacity 45 Litre
Weight Inc. battery 65 KG
Coverage Per Hour 2.200 / 1.650 m2 per hr
Battery capacity Li-ion 54,6 V / 10,20 Ah
Run Time Per Charge 1.5 Hour
Approx Charge Time 2 Hour

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