How to clean grout

Cleaning grout lines is now EASY!

Cleaning tile grout is often a real chore of a job, and in many cases just gets left longer and longer because it’s so time consuming, boring and difficult. No longer!

Watch our ‘How To’ Innovation Video to discover the easiest way to clean grout lines.

One of the key reasons we brought the iVo Power Brush to the market is because it is so excellent at cleaning grout lines and tiles.  It is a massive time-saver, and your grout lines can look like new very quickly!

The brush usually used for cleaning grout lines is the blue ‘wheel’ brush attachment.  For very stubborn staining, there is also the stainless steel ‘wheel’ brush provided, but this should be used with care.

The iVo Power Brush can be used for 100’s of different tasks, but we reckon one of the most useful is the easy cleaning of tiles and grout.

Enquire about our Grout Cleaning Tool Kit here:

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