Ekcos PowerScreen

The Powerscreen uses our patented sealed bristle technology, to eliminate splashback from the urinal wall, or standing urinal water.

Patented bristles prevent urine backsplash


Time release deodorant technology


Emits a fresh, clean scent 30 days


Complies with European VOC standards, 100% recyclable


Effective antibacterial component


The only screen on the market that is biodegradable


Prevents the spread of bacteria and odours

Every Powerscreen urinal screen is manufactured from proprietary resin that gives anti-microbial properties, to eliminate eColi and Klebsiella bacteria. Infused with a time-release fragrance, each urinal screen emits a fresh scent continuously.

Combined with their bio-degradable properties, these features make the powerscreens ideal in any restroom, including in: hospitals, airports, restaurants, schools and office buildings.

Powerscreens also help reduce facilities costs, as they decrease cleaning time, and reduce damage caused by urine splashback. They are specially suitable for waterless urinals which often suffer from bad odours.

√ Waterless urinals
√ Flush urinals

Purple PowerScreen

Berry fragrance


Green PowerScreen

Apple fragrance


Blue PowerScreen

Fresh fragrance


Orange PowerScreen

Tropical fragrance


Clear PowerScreen

Tropical 2


Black PowerScreen

Mint fragrance


Green pine PowerScreen

Pine fragrance


Red PowerScreen

Melon fragrance


Lavender PowerScreen

Lavender fragrance


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