PowerBrush XL for Easy Stairs Cleaning

PowerBrush XL for Stairs Cleaning

Cleaning stairs has been a problem for a long time, especially since the explosion in the use of non-slip safety flooring on stairs.  Therefore your cleaning teams will be thrilled to hear how great the XL PowerBrush is as a stairs cleaning machine.

If you have non-slip  or safety flooring on your stairs, or tiles or concrete stairs, you’ll find the PowerBrush XL is great for scrubbing and getting the dirt cleaned away.  You’ll also find it’s great for cleaning the stair nosings and edgings on carpeted stairs.  It’s a great companion for any mop & bucket, and does the hard work instead of needing elbow grease!

Combine the PowerBrush XL with the SupaFoam, and you’ll only need to use water – chemical free cleaning that is really effective.  A really great enhancement to any sustainable cleaning initiatives – get rid of harmful chemicals, just use water.

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