Power Brush

Unique handheld cordless scrubbing tool kit. The iVo Power Brush is a brilliant and versatile handheld cordless scrubbing and brushing tool kit.

High torque 220rpm


100’s of uses, improving results easily


Waterproof to IP7


Dramatically saves time


1 hour battery life


CE, ROHS & HAV Certified


Robust & Lightweight

Battery Powered Cordless Scrubbing Brush Tool Kit


Our iVo Power Brush is one of those products that you wish you’d found ages ago!  Just imagine how much hand scrubbing you could have saved with one of these battery powered brush tool kits!

We have developed the iVo battery powered cordless cleaning brush because of the desperate need to reduce time and improve cleaning standards in so many industries.

Available in 3 different kit options, plus a large variety of attachments, no-one questions the versatility of the iVo Power Brush.  Our video below shows a small number of the huge variety of tasks that can be tackled with this cordless power brush.

With detail attachments as well as a scrubbing and buffing pads, this versatile tool is very useful for getting into awkward corners and areas that have persistent stains. Take a look at the below images of the different attachment kits.

Nylon brush & scrubbing set

NBS set

Stainless steel brush set

SSB set

Large brush and buffing set

LBB set

Soft brush and polishing set

SBP set

Extra battery


SupaFoam pad, 10pk


Large microfibre bonnets, 10pk


Small microfibre bonnets, 10pk


Maroon scrubbing pads, 10pk
(General use & scuff marks)


Black scrubbing pads, 10pk
(Tough scrubbing tasks)


Red scrubbing pads, 10pk
(Medium scrubbing tasks)


White scrubbing pads, 10pk
(Light scrubbing and polishing)


√   Flooring edges & corners
√   Under toilets & urinals
√   Vinyl & non-slip surfaces
√   Mirrors & glass
√   Wall washing
√   Ceilings & ventilation grilles
√   Tight & awkward areas
√   Under partitions

And 100’s more time & effort saving applications!

Rotational speed 220 rpm
Certifications CE, ROHS, HAV
Waterproof To IP7 at head
Weight 500 g
Brush size 88 mm
Small pad size 80 mm
Run time per battery 1 hours
Approx. charge time 8 hrs / 2 batteries

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iVo PowerBrush – Kit option 1

Kit 1 offers the PowerBrush  with the following accessories:
  • 1 x PowerBrush
  • 3 x batteries
  • 4 x accessories
  • 1 x iVo Storage bag


iVo PowerBrush – Kit option 2

Kit 2 offers the PowerBrush with  the following accessories:
  • 1 x PowerBrush
  • 3 x batteries
  • 16 x accessories
  • 1 x iVo Storage bag


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