Simple but effective, the TruFresh air fresheners are designed to work in any circumstance, where you need a continuous clean fragrance. This aerosol free fragrance system is totally eco-friendly and requires no maintenance.

Fresh atmosphere in any space for up to 30 days


An ideal replacement for aerosols and sprays


Timed release fragrance technology


Fully complies with European VOC standards


Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable


The only product of its kind that is biodegradable

Manufactured in an attractive design with nine different colours and fragrances these can be used in almost any environment including: vehicles, offices, schools, hospitals. Are often used as a fragrance solution for vacuum cleaners.
√ Offices and internal rooms
√ Washrooms and changing rooms
√ Cars and vehicles
√ Place within vacuums
√ Storage areas

Red TruFresh

Passion Fruit Fragrance


Green TruFresh

Gren Tea Fragrance


Light Green TruFresh

Spiced Apple Fragrance


Orange TruFresh

Tropical Fruit Fragrance


Purple TruFresh

New Car Fragrance


Blue TruFresh

Mint Fragrance


Clear TruFresh

Bamboo Lemon Fragrance


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