Cleaning at Height

When a cleaning task is out of reach, the need for specialist kit and equipment is immediate. In years gone by, raised platforms or specialist contractors were the only options and the costs associated with these tasks could easily spiral. With our range of innovations, you can tackle internal and external glazing and high reach vacuum cleaning with ease while keeping operatives safe with both feet on the floor, reducing costs and keeping the task in house.

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Clean and dust at height
Easily clean glass at height
Clean stair carpets
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High Reach Vacuum Cleaning


High Reach Surface Cleaning


High Reach Internal Glazing


High Reach External Glazing

High Reach Vacuum Cleaning​

ReachVac Full System

Keep both feet on the floor, and vacuum dust and dirt at height. Available with up to 13 metre reach. Comes complete with a high power robust Elite Vacuum.

ReachVac Pole Kits

Keep both feet on the floor, and vacuum dust and dirt at height. Available with up to 13 metre reach, these pole kits fit to your standard tub vacuums, avoiding the need for an expensive dedicated vacuuming system.

High Reach Surface Cleaning


Have you tried the ‘wheel brush’ for the PowerBrush? If not, then you have a treat in store for solving your dirty grout!

HighShine Maxi

Up to a height of 18m, the Maxi fitted with the deep microfibre cleaning pad, almost anywhere can be dusted down and cleaned.

High Reach Internal Glazing​


Fast glass cleaning everywhere from floor to at height.  With lengths from 1m to 6m, the HighShine kits are invaluable for cleaning glass up out of reach.

HighShine Maxi

The HighShine Maxi can reach up to 18m for those really high glass cleaning tasks.  Avoid hiring expensive scaffold towers or lifting equipment – make the job easy!

Fast clean, sanitise and deodorize


This portable window cleaning system is very popular with teams who want to do their own window cleaning on site. Available in 25 litre or 50 litre versions. Purchase with the Telescopic Poles to make kits that reach up to 60ft high.

iVO Telescopic Water Fed Poles

iVO Telescopic Water Fed Poles – Available from 25ft to 60 ft, these poles can be used with the MobiPure system or existing van mount or mobile systems.

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