Our Values

What we really care about

iVo Group exists for innovation, it’s home, life and future is here.


At iVo Group, we are, and do, what we say and believe. We live for being true.


The beneficiaries of iVo Group are many, we love to give everywhere!


At iVo Group, we believe that excellence is only just good enough.

About Us

The inside story...

The team at iVo Group is young, enthusiastic and talented, and we're always working hard to bring the latest innovations to you.

Our vibrant and carefully selected team of distribution partners are quick to release our new products to a ready client base.

We love feedback, and we love new ideas, so if you have a spark of inspiration, or simply would like to suggest an improvement, then we're listening.

At iVo Group, we look forward to working with you, and for you, for the long term!

  • Innovation Ideas every month

    On average....

  • Prototypes before releasing a product

    On average...

  • Cooked breakfasts for the staff

    Per week...

  • Charities supported

    We love giving!

Featured Products

iVo RovaWash
iVo RovaWash
Very powerful multi-purpose scrubber. Can be used on almost any surface!
A unique scrubber that can be used on hard floors, carpet, entrance matting, paving and many more surfaces! Ask for a demo today!
iVo OrbiPro
iVo OrbiPro
A super powerful cordless orbital tool! A very versatile machine for polishing, sanding and scrubbing.
This is a fantastic machine for vehicle polishing as well as 100’s of cleaning tasks. Ask for a demo today!
iVo PowerBrush XL
iVo PowerBrush XL
Unique battery powered multi-scrubber for floors, stairs, walls, vehicles and much more!
Takes hard work out of scrubbing almost anything. The high torque motor really lets you get tough on the dirt!