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Hard to reach areas, crevices and detail cleaning are the jobs that are the hardest and most time consuming to complete without the right equipment. These are the areas that can make a real difference to end results and with our range of detail cleaning products you can reduce cleaning times and raise performance with ease.

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Hard to Reach Areas


Hard Floors
& Corners


Carpet &
Spot Cleaning


Tile, Stone
& Grout Lines


Touchpoints – Doors & Lifts

Crevice and hard to reach areas


The full contractors kit has 16 attachments for tackling a huge variety of detail cleaning tasks. This is a valuable toolkit for any cleaner needing to cut time.

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PowerBrush XL

The PowerBrush XL has a variety of different pads and brushes, and can be used for cleaning at floor level or up to 5 feet above your head.

Hard floors – corners, scuffs and spots


Several attachments in the powerbrush kit can be used for removing scuff marks, as well as cleaning the edges and corners of flooring, including where fixtures and fittings get in the way.

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PowerBrush XL

 Use SupaFoam pads or one of the other attachments to make light work of issues on floors. Every mop and bucket needs a PowerBrush XL as a companion for giving the scrub!


The RovaWash machines come in 2 sizes. The 250mm machine is brilliant for cleaning small floors, and for getting around the fixtures, as well as cleaning up the edge coving in washrooms and kitchens.


The brilliant SupaFoam is very quick and easy to use to clean stains and scuff marks. Use on the HandiHolder, or on any size machine, including the PowerBrush and PowerBrush XL.

Carpet - spot cleaning and entrance matting


The RovaWash is fantastic at small areas of carpet and cleaning up those spills. Also great for entrance matting!


A very powerful handheld battery-powered orbital tool. Excellent for carpet spotting and upholstery cleaning. Use a brush or pads.

Tile and Stone – grout lines, edges and trims


Use the wheel brush, or one of the pads to clean the grout lines, and along tile trims and joins.

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PowerBrush XL

Use a pad or one of the brush attachments to quickly clean grout lines and along floor joins and edge strips. Every mop and bucket needs a PowerBrush XL as a companion for giving the scrub!


For larger areas, the RovaWash will clean tile floors including the grout lines, and along the edges, trims and joins. Available in 250mm or 350mm width options.

Touchpoints – doors, lifts and screens


the MultiHold cleaners belts are extremely useful for holding your SupaFoam pads, spray bottle and cloths when cleaning touchpoints and screens. Keep everything to hand, and made from waterproof material, the MultiHold keeps your clothes dry!


 An invaluable pad system that can clean almost any surface very quickly, using just water. Brilliant on stainless steel. Achieve ATP readings below 10 every time! Cleaning and sanitisation in an eco-friendly way.

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