Solve your Cleaning Challenges

 Now you can forget raised platforms and specialist contractors with the range of iVo products for cleaning at height.

Washrooms are full of cleaning challenges from non-slip flooring to  hard to reach areas around fixtures and fittings. 

Achieve fast and chemical free glass cleaning at a variety of heights both internally and externally using our innovative glass cleaning systems.

Reduce costs and keep carpet cleaning to a fast process in both small and larger areas with this range of carpet cleaning machines.

Simplify your deep cleaning processes, overcome challenges, and even deep clean chemical free!

Eliminate chemicals, speed up your processes, save waste and enhance your company green agenda with iVO.

Tackle everything from non-slip safety floors to tiled, marble and stone surfaces for both maintenance and deep cleaning.

Vacuuming takes a high proportion of time on cleaning contracts.  Increase efficiency, save time & costs.

Time consuming and often noticed by clients, detail areas are a great place to start when making a real difference to end results.

 Here are some specialist tasks that we have solved, improving appearance and simplifying the tasks involved.

Stairs are tricky. Edges and corners, treads and risers.  Enjoy cable-free equipment and excellent results.

Use these innovations to maintain kitchen and catering environments to a high standard of cleanliness.

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