Specialist Cleaning

Some tasks simply cannot be carried out without the right specialist machine or system.  Here are some specialist tasks that we have solved for our clients, improving appearance and simplifying the tasks involved.


Pragmatic innovation 
Chewing gum removal
Escalator cleaning

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Chewing Gum Removal


Escalator Cleaning

Chewing Gum Removal


These popular portable machines are engineered to chemically change the structure of the gum, removing it’s sticky nature and cleaning the surface including the sticky spots that you normally see after scraping or pressure washing. Powered either battery or gas.

Escalator Cleaning


 This regular use cleaning system for escalators ensures that you never have to deep clean an escalator, or call out a contractor again. Very easy to use with minimal training, you’ll love the way it’s so easy to keep escalators sparkling clean. Can also be used for travellators.

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