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Washrooms are full of cleaning challenges from non-slip flooring to crevice cleaning and hard to reach areas around fixtures and fittings. Not only is dirt a problem, but sanitisation is a top issue to be tackled continuously. And what about grout – would be great to solve that one wouldn’t it?

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Detail Around


Fast Clean &



Exceptional results on non-slip flooring


By far the most popular tool for non-slip safety flooring. Its fast powerful scrubbing action is so easy to apply – just like using an upright vacuum!

PowerBrush XL

The XL is used for the detail areas of non-slip, or for those small toilets where there isn’t enough room to get a scrubber dryer machine.


Got a really challenging environment, or need a deep clean? The OrbiMax is the machine for you! A variety of sizes to suit any washroom.


Super powerful chemical free cleaning pads, for hand or machine use. Tackle safety floors with ease! Can be used with any scrubber dryer or buffer, as well as the PowerBrush XL and OrbiMax range.

Tackle grout lines and crevices


Have you tried the ‘wheel brush’ for the PowerBrush? If not, then you have a treat in store for solving your dirty grout!

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PowerBrush XL

Great for cleaning up grout on floor tiles, the XL PowerBrush comes with a variety of brushes and pads.

iVO Steam

Unquestionably the speed winners here! The Tekna and Athena steam machines are super fast at cleaning grout. Cleaners love them!

Clean detail areas around fixtures and fittings


The PowerBrush kits come with a huge variety of attachments, suitable for quick cleaning of all detail areas in the washroom.

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PowerBrush XL

 Use this alongside your mop & bucket, or with your scrubber dryer to clean the edges around toilet bowls and other fixtures & fittings.


At either 250mm or 350mm wide, and low enough to fit under partitions, there’s not much you can’t reach with the RovaWash!


Use them on machines, or as hand pads, or on an Extendi-Holder, you can clean anywhere with SupaFoam

Fast clean, sanitise and deodorize


Seriously fast cleaning and sanitising of washrooms, spray, rinse and vacuum, 15 bay washrooms in less than 15 minutes. Solve washroom odour issues for ever!


Biodegradable fragranced washroom products, for urinals, bowls and as air fresheners. 9 fragrances and colours to choose from!

Chemical free washroom cleaning


The ultimate in chemical free cleaning. Any machine that can take pads can use SupaFoam – remove chemical from your cleaning process and achieve ATP readings of less than 10. The super popular hand pads and deck scrubber pads are great for the details.

PowerBrush & SupaFoam

Fit SupaFoam pads to your PowerBrush for chemical free detail scrubbing.

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PowerBrush XL & SupaFoam

Use SupaFoam pads on your PowerBrush XL to clean floors, walls and grout – totally chemical free!

OrbiMax & SupaFoam

The SupaFoam pads are super impressive on the OrbiMax machines. Deep deep cleaning, using just water – see our videos showing it in action!

iVO Steam

Steam, the original chemical free method, and still very effective in washrooms. Clean and sanitise at the same time!

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