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There are a number of challenging surfaces to clean in every catering environment and plenty of hard to reach areas for food, dirt and debris to collect and easily go unnoticed. The added importance and focus on cleanliness in catering environments demands that these areas need to be maintained to the highest standards.

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Clean and sanitise
Keep floors clean
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Stainless Steel Cleaning


Non-Slip & Tile Flooring


Hard-to-Reach Areas

Stainless Steel Cleaning


the MultiHold cleaners belts are extremely useful for holding your SupaFoam pads, spray bottle and cloths when cleaning stainless steel in catering environments. Keeps everything to hand, and made from waterproof material, the MultiHold keeps your clothes dry!


An invaluable pad system that can clean almost any surface very quickly, using just water. Brilliant on stainless steel. Achieve ATP readings below 10 every time! Cleaning and sanitisation in an eco-friendly way.

Non-Slip and Tile Flooring


The RovaWash machines are probably the best scrubber dryer machine for kitchens and other catering environments. The very powerful cylindrical cleaning action gets great results on non-slip and tile floors, and the machine is low profile enabling cleaning under kitchen fixtures and fittings.


 These powerful orbital machines, manufactured from stainless steel, are a massive advantage when tackling non-slip flooring and tiling, especially when heavy soiling is present. Available in both scrubber-dryer and scrub only models.


SupaFoam pads are a great revolution in chemical free cleaning. Can be used on the OrbiMax machines and the PowerBrush and PowerBrush XL. Also hand pads for detail use.


Clean around the corners and edges as well as fixtures & fittings with the PowerBrush. With up to 16 attachments available, this is a great tool to use for the detail areas on floors.

PowerBrush XL

Unquestionably the speed winners here! The Tekna and Athena steam machines are super fast at cleaning grout. Cleaners love them!

Steam Machines

Very effective at cleaning and sanitising washroom and kitchen floors, as well as a host of other tasks.

Crevices and Hard-to-Reach Areas


The full contractors kit has 16 attachments for tackling a huge variety of detail cleaning tasks in kitchens and catering environments. Solve problems, and cut cleaning time with this very versatile cleaning kit.

PowerBrush XL

The PowerBrush XL has a variety of different pads and brushes, and can be used for cleaning at floor level or up to 5 feet above your head.

Steam Machines

Very effective at blasting out dirt and grease in kitchen equipment and other details such as grout lines. The added detergent feature can be especially useful in areas with grease and oils that need tackling.

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